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Garden Produce: Spring Greens
Garden Produce: Spring Greens

Garden Produce: Spring Greens

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Tender green organic brassica leaves with crunchy stalks.  These spring greens have been grown on Hoy from organic seed & have been nurtured without the use of artificial fertiliser or pesticide. 

Collection only from The Storehouse, South Walls. Freshly picked ready for your arrival!

Recipe ideas:   

Use in cooking as you would cabbage or slice finely & use raw as you would spinach in sandwiches, salads & quiches.

Or finely slice the leaves & bake in the oven then sprinkle with sugar and/or salt for a ‘fried seaweed’ snack for a ‘movie night in’!

Stalks can be eaten like celery sticks dipped into mayonnaise for a healthy lunchtime snack. 

Stand your leaves in a glass of water to keep them crisp till you’re ready to eat them!