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Bread baked by hand

Bread baked by hand

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Fresh bread baked by hand here on Hoy by Breadbusters Grist. Selection includes rolls, cheese & onion pasties, wholemeal or spelt loaves.  

Available from Groats shop, Longhope. Prices vary for different products so check in store.


message from the bakers ...

We're delighted to say our products are on sale at Groats. We will still be taking orders as before and also during the week.
Our prices for private orders as from 26th July will be
Large 800g loaves £2.80
400g loaves £1.60
Rolls 90g 40p each
Cheese&onion pasties £2.80 each
Flapjacks 190g min weight.£2.80
Cheese scones 60p each
Ciabatta £3.50 each
C.p.d £2.80
Seeded 800g £3.50
Speciality individually priced
Please give 24-48 hrs notice for orders so we can do fermentation proving etc
Gill will pop bread to folk in longhope area on Saturday afternoon other times please collect at a conveniant agreed time.
Thankyou so very much for your support and encouragement.
Kindest regards Steve, Cathy and Maisy.