Open April 1st to August 31st 2020 : daily 11 - 3 (unless we’re closed!)

Information for Artists : Open Call 2020

Open Call to Artists Summer 2020:

Beach Gallery invites artists to take inspiration from the heritage of our immediate surroundings here at Osmundwall, Hoy, Orkney & to submit work for exhibition.  It is our intention that work will reflect the unique heritage of the specific location of Osmundwall.

The sheltered bay of Kirk Hope was a Viking harbour with longboats being pulled up onto the beach at Osmundwall to seek refuge from the dangerous Pentland Firth. This story features in one of the Orkney Ingasaga tales of an attempt to convert Pagan Orkney to Viking Christianity.  Ravens feature in this tale as a symbol of the later return to the Pagan way of life.

Osmundwall is where the Longhope RNLI Lifeboat disaster memorial is sited to commemorate the loss of the whole crew who were responding to rescue a vessel in distress. 

The peaceful waterside cemetery has War Graves & an ornate mausoleum building which tells the story of the Moodie family who were once landowners on the island.

A stone gatepost marks the site of the sea entrance to Snelsetter Castle where supplies would be unloaded & stored at the Storehouse for the Castle.

During wartime the castle Storehouse accommodated the troops & later provided cover for sheltering sheep.  It is now the location for Beach Gallery.

Nearby there are neolithic burial mounds & a lighthouse. The area has many shipwrecks & looks out towards Scapa Flow.

Natural heritage includes rare Scottish Primrose,  almost every species of dragonfly, butterflies, orchids & wild flowers.  The water of the bay is visited by seals, the occasional orca & humpbacked whales & is filled with wading coastal birds.  The sand on the beach is white with many shells & the occasional groatie buckle & is completely washed by the crystal clear waters twice a day bringing in fresh seaweed & shells.

The only light at night is from the nearby Cantick  Lighthouse & the occasional noctilucent clouds or aurora.

Selected work will be displayed in our small waterfront exhibition space, craft shop, online website shop & on social media.

There’s is no charge to submit work.  If work is sold, 30% commission will be taken from the sales price.

To take part please express an interest by 31 December 2019 with selected work to be delivered to us by March 1st 2020.  The exhibition will run from April 1st to August 31st 2020, opening daily 11-3 but occasionally closed.  To express an interest please contact us with your ideas for work to be submitted.

Our programme of art classes will complement the exhibition, taking inspiration from local heritage.  Artists are invited to take part in this if they wish.

Our secluded location brings a modest footfall with visitors coming from all over the world on holiday to enjoy walking & birdwatching.  We are located on a published circular coastal walk that is reputed to be the best walk in Orkney.

There is a small island bus that stops close by.

We hope artists will be inspired to research some of the heritage of Osmundwall & take part in this exhibition.

HOW TO TAKE PART:  Please use the Chat button to make a first contact with us & we’ll get back to you with an email address to make your submission.  The submission should comprise of a picture of the work you’d like to show, or a description & a sketch if the work isn’t created yet. Also a few words about you and your practice and how the work relates to the exhibition theme.  Many thanks!