NEWS: It's wintertime here in Orkney - so we're open again in March 2019 with a new exhibition of Shoreline Birds by wildlife artist Adele Pound from Northern Ireland & a range of new art sessions inspired by her works including a BBC Get Creative activity on May 12th

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art classes next to the beach : inspired by ocean, wildlife & landscape : explore your creativity on the stunningly beautiful Island of Hoy, Orkney 

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Pale lichen

Blankets & cushions of sage green lichen is clinging firmly to stone walls in the fresh swirling air of a gale

Beach sheep

Just after dawn, sheltering sheep move gently away from the quiet shore where they lay last night and, one by one, edge up slowly to the wild sea c...

Windy sky

Pinks & corals, stretched by the wind into wisps, blend into a pale aqua sky